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Last night Buzzfeed asked 27 Questions Self-Hating Black People Have for Black People. I want to take time out of my day and listening to Rihanna’s Needed Me to answer some of those ridiculous great questions.

Why is it a problem if I like anime?
Is it? Me and most of my black friends love anime. Maybe you’re just hanging out with the wrong people.

Why are we more likely to engage in a new dance trend than engage in politics or opening a business?
Is it? Me and one of my best friends (hey, Kylie!) were double majors in political science, and I know more than a few black business owners.

How did watermelon become our thing? Like everyone should like watermelon.
I hate watermelon, I didn’t know I was obligated to like it due to the melanin in my skin.

Race aside, like some people are just terrible.
Yeah, they are. This is more like a statement…

Why do we call people the N-word but get vehemently upside when a white person uses the N-word
I stopped giving history lessons on this, here’s an article that you should read.

Why is my natural hair seen as a political statement?
I don’t know any naturals or other black women that think this…you sure this isn’t some kind of question that a white person asked but you juxtaposed onto black people.

Do you really believe that black is beautiful or is that just something you say because it sounds cool?
No, I’m gorgeous…if you don’t really feel you’re beautiful, you should probably see someone to help you find self-love.

Why do some people say you’re pretty for a dark skin girl?
Colorism history lesson…you seem to be lacking a foundation in black history, that’s a problem you should work on.

Like is there a cutoff time for this whole homophobia thing in the black community?
Is there a cutoff time for this whole homophobia thing that’s present all over the world?

Why is growing up without a father so common in our race?
Have you ever heard of the myth of the missing black father? Also, I see my dad quite regularly.

Why is being educated a white thing?
Like seriously, have you considered opening your circle of friends.

Why do I have to be mixed to have long hair?
Oh! I have an article on this! The Dark Skin, Long Hair Paradox, you should read it

Why do you think well off black  people don’t know what it means to be black?
I’m beginning to think you don’t have any black friends…

Why can’t we acknowledge that there are a bunch of different types of black people walking around and they're special in their own way?
Are you black yourself because, seriously, these questions are just really off…as if you’re asking these because some white writer told you to.

Now, to get back to Rihanna’s Needed Me, and hopefully Buzzfeed can learn a lesson from all of this.

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