Clay as a Setting Powder?

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FroBunni | Clay as setting powder

Memorial Day weekend is over and the start of summer has unofficially begun! It was pretty hot and humid in DC this weekend, and while I'm still figuring out how to keep a hairstyle in this weather, keeping my makeup fresh is actually easy. I'm pretty savvy when it comes to using natural ingredients in my makeup (hello cacao powder foundation and aloe vera gel mascara), so it's no surprise that I turned to clay to deal with handling a sweaty face in the summer.

If you have a problem with makeup melting away due to sweat in humid and hot weather, just apply clay as a setting powder. For lighter complexions, use white clay. Darker complexions, then red clay is your friend (don't worry, it's more brown than red). And for everyone in between, you can make various shades by mixing both white and red clay together. Clay is the best at absorbing oil and moisture, so even though you may feel like you sweat too much for this to work, trust me, it will!

Clay as a Setting Powder? (Infographic)

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