5 Ways to Love Your Natural Hair

in , by FroBunni, Wednesday, June 15, 2016
FroBunni | 5 Ways to Love Your Natural Hair

While I loved my hair when I first big chopped, not everyone falls in love with their hair texture when they go natural. The natural hair journey can be difficult, especially for those who have relied on weaves, relaxing, and straightening for years. There's a huge learning curve when many of us grew up without a solid foundation of caring for black hair, plus we are bombarded with images of mainstream beauty, which tends to equal straight and wavy hair. This unfortunate combination can make it hard for black women and girls to love the hair that grows out of their scalp.

While it can be difficult to reverse this thought process, it isn't possible. These tips can help start the process of loving your hair, and although it may be difficult, hopefully, it will eventually get you to say, and really mean, #TeamNatural.

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