Four Ways to Eat More Vegetables

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FroBunni | Four Tips for Eating More Vegetables

As hard as I work to eat well, I always have a difficult time getting vegetables in my diet. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to try and "fix" this by making a vegetable you can imagine just from the phrase "vegetable smoothie," it was disgusting. Celery, kale, carrots, and cucumbers should not be liquefied and consumed at one time.

Since the vegetable smoothie didn't work out, I've been thinking of little tricks I can incorporate into my diet to make eating vegetables easier. Here are four ideas that have been working with various amounts of success.

Blend It: One that I'm already doing, I make green smoothies quite regularly. But with only one vegetable - kale or spinach - it's not enough to get the recommended three servings of vegetables a day. So instead of adding one leafy vegetable, I add two. Might be kale and romaine, or spinach and swiss chard. Or maybe even a beet or cucumber. Just something extra that doesn't compromise the taste of the smoothie, while at the same time getting an extra vegetable.

Drink It: I don't have a juicer (and I honestly won't be getting one soon), but I have been considering getting vegetable juices like V05. What makes this a bit different than the vegetable smoothie is that it is smooth, while my smoothie was gritty and grainy because my blender couldn't liquefy all of the vegetables. While I find V05 palatable, I do miss getting the fiber that smoothies and eating whole vegetables provide. But it still has valuable nutrients.

Roast It: Roasting vegetables is always hit or miss. Roasted Brussels sprouts are good, but I don't really enjoy roasted carrots. Roasted potatoes are delicious, but no to roasted cauliflower. The reason this can get complicated is because I tend to buy whatever is cheaper at the grocery store, which means that it's normally whatever is in season. So this may be great for fall and winter when there's an abundance of pumpkins and butternut squash, which I like, but bad for spring and summer when there's an abundance of nasty zucchini.

Keep it Out: This has actually been pretty successful. I just leave vegetables like carrots, sweet peppers, and cucumbers out on my desk at work and snack on them throughout the day. I can't really resist food when it's in front of me, especially when I enjoy it. I also have a habit of sitting down at my desk and working until 3pm without having had lunch (I openly acknowledge that this is a bad habit), so this allows me to work without going too long without having something to eat.

In combination with each other, I actually have been getting and even exceeding my recommended intake of vegetables, which is great. Now, if only I can kick my sugar habit (this probably won't happen, but I've made peace with it).

How do you get vegetables in your diet?

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