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Frobunni | Yoga Expo

It’s been a solid week since the DC Yoga Expo, and I am still sore. But I guess that’s what two vinyasa flows, yin yoga, and arm and handstand balance classes will to do a girl. But that’s ok, because it was all worth it!

I knew my day would be jam packed, so I got to the Yoga Expo 30 minutes before the first class even started. I checked the schedule and waited for my friend (hey Kylie!), then we headed off to our first class.

My very first class was “Arm Balances and Handstands” with Malena Bell from Honest Soul Yoga in Alexandria, VA. If you follow me on Instagram, or read some of my previous yoga blog posts, you know that handstands have eluded me for so long. But she was able to really break down the mechanics to help me feel more stable, stronger, and balanced. I was really sore right after her class, but with a day of yoga, that couldn’t be the first and only one I took.

Next, "Vinyasa Flow" with Mario Austin who teaches at VIDA. If I was sore before starting his class, I was exhausted after I finished. There were so many chaturangas and downward dogs, my arms turned into jelly. His vinyasa flow felt more like an ashtanga class. Even though I was sore, I enjoyed his class so much, I took it again as my last class of the day.

The next two classes were “Meditation: Tools to Calm the Mind” and yin yoga taught by Gopi Kinnicutt and Braja Kishori, respectively, from Bhakti Yoga DC. I use meditation as a way to help manage my anxiety so I really didn’t want to miss Gopi’s class, and I’m glad I didn’t. She did an excellent job at breaking down a lot meditation techniques such as mantras and recitations, and I really felt calm and centered after her class. I’m actually thinking about doing to her meditations once a week since the studio isn’t too far from my job.

Braja’s yin yoga class was also excellent. I’ve been doing a lot of yin yoga because I want to be able to teach it when I complete yoga teacher training. I use YouTube for my yin yoga classes, so I never knew that yin yoga has slightly difference poses than vinyasa or ashtanga. She explained the differences, as well as the reason for the difference, which has made, even in this short week, a huge difference in my yin yoga practice.

Throughout the day, I would go upstairs to check out the vendors. I got this gorgeous yoga mat from Shide a Words. Within the sun and moon, there are words such as peace and calm. I’ve tried this mat out a few times, and it’s great. Makes my yoga mat a lot softer, and if I’m doing an intense yoga session, it keeps my mat dry by absorbing any sweat.

FroBunni | Shide A Words Yoga Mat

I really enjoyed the Yoga Expo, if there was a perfect day, this would be a top contender. Some of DC’s best yoga instructors came out really made this a day to remember. And even though I’m still sore (my poor biceps), I would do it again every weekend.

Check out Yoga Expo to see what city they will be at next.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, however I did receive a sample for my review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

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