7 Tips for a Perfect Natural Hairstyle

in , by FroBunni, Wednesday, November 30, 2016

For all of the natural hair how-to infographics I've created, I realized I never did one for doing a hairstyle. For me, taking care of my hair was easy, but hairstyles took a little more practice. I didn't even really start styling my hair until after my first year natural. YouTube videos were helpful, but I really had to adapt what I saw for my hair.

What's my most helpful tip? Section your hair! If your hair is shorter, you will need more sections for a defined hairstyle. If your hair is shoulder length or shorter, you will need at least 12 sections for flat twists, 30-40 for regular twists, 20 for braids, and for styles that involve curlers, you're looking at 40-60. It seems like a lot, and it is, but trust me, for those with short hair, this tip is golden.

And my second most helpful tip is to lightly mist hair. Trust me on this, even damp hair may not dry after 8 hours, or even 12 hours.

These tips will work for every style; braid outs, twist outs, bantu knots, roller sets, you name it! So go forth and always have a great hair day!

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