So I Became an At-Home Vegetarian

in , by FroBunni, Sunday, February 05, 2017

Late last year, I made the decision to keep meat out of my apartment. While I'm sure some may think it's the yoga, and others an epiphany about animal cruelty, I have to admit it was a lot more simple than that. I was just plain wasting food.

Whenever I bought meat, I always spent time trying to figure out what to make, which meant that it would sit in my refrigerator for an indefinite amount of time. If I already knew what I wanted or figured it out in a couple of days, the meat wouldn't go to waste. But if I didn't, it would almost always go bad. This happened time and time again, until I finally decided to put an end to it once and for all by going meatless.

Fast forward three months and I'm doing pretty well. I don't crave meat at all, but to be fair, I also allow myself meat if I go out to eat. And on occasion, I will buy bacon or sausage for a specific recipe, like carbonara (though this has only happened once so far). Because I don't really rely on meat for calories, it has increased my fruit and vegetable intake; instead of averaging three servings of produce a day, I'm at five to six, and sometimes even eight or nine. Not to mention, it has allowed me to be more creative with my meals, with the help of Pinterest of course.

Even though I'm eating well and not craving anything, I have had some dietary concerns. I've been educating myself on vegetarianism and have found that many vegetarians lack specific vitamins that are mostly found in meats, so I will soon be taking a vegetarian vitamin or taking a B12 supplement. I've also been doing HIIT workouts again at a boutique gym, meaning lots of high intensity workouts. I enjoy them a lot, so I plan to continue, but that means I will have to eat more. When I was doing HIIT workouts before, I ate a lot of meat, so without it, I'm a bit concerned about being exhausted and even passing out. Hopefully, the vitamin will help.

But all in all, it's working out well. I'm really happy with the change. I haven't had any weight change or any miracle in my workouts, so there really aren't any other benefits for me besides the fact that I cut down on food waste.

Are you vegetarian or vegan? Let me know in the comments!

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