6 Vegetarian Foods I keep in My Home for a Quick, Easy Meal

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While I do my best to meal plan at the beginning of every week, it doesn’t always happen. Sometimes I’m so busy on the weekends, that I don’t have time to go grocery shopping. To avert going hungry during the week, or worse, buying lunch every day, I keep these five staple foods in my pantry and refrigerator for quick, easy, and healthy meals.

Frozen Fruits and Vegetables: I love frozen produce because they last so long. I don’t have to worry about them molding or rotting, making them great to keep my food waste low. The fruits are great to throw in a blender with yogurt and chia seeds for an easy breakfast smoothie, while the veggies can easily be roasted to go with a protein for lunch or dinner.

Tofu: I know tofu and vegetarian is cliché, but I’m actually digging this food. Packed with protein, calcium, and iron, keeping extra-firm tofu (there’s different varieties) makes for an easy meal. I season it and throw it in the oven with some vegetables, and I have a healthy, quick one-pan meal

Potatoes: Despite its bad rap, potatoes are pretty healthy and very versatile. They’re perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I like to roast them and enjoy them with yogurt or eggs for breakfast, or make a yummy, southwest stuffed potato for dinner.

Whole Wheat Pasta (and Ricotta Cheese): Okay, so I know this is technically two things, but seriously, whole wheat pasta and ricotta cheese pair beautifully together. Ricotta is a great alternative to heavy cream; it has half the calories, but four times the amount of protein. And since I’m a pasta fanatic, it’s not hard for me to whip up something easy with one of my favorite foods.

Yogurt: Another protein powerhouse, yogurt is perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I mostly eat it for a light dinner, adding in fruit, a little honey, and coconut flakes or granola. It’s easy and quick, but also very comforting.

Eggs: Another great option for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, eggs are extremely versatile. While I’m rather simple with my eggs (boiled or scrambled is fine), I’ve also used eggs to make frittatas and quiches that pile on the veggies and make for an easy, but decadent meal.

What foods do you keep in your home for quick and easy meals?

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