Hungry Harvest: Buying Ugly Fruits And Vegetables

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I've been meaning to do this post for awhile, and I'm happy I finally have the time to write it! Since January, I've been getting Hungry Harvest, a subscription service that sends people ugly fruit and vegetables. I remember first seeing them on Shark Tank, and I was amazed that retail stores turn down fruits and vegetables all because they don't look "normal." While some of the produce gets repurposed, for example turned into fertilizer for farming; and retail stores are making the effort to use the produce, such as selling cut up and ready to roast squash; there's still a lot of food that is thrown out contributing to food waste, which also increases green house emissions adding to global warming.

I get Hungry Harvest delivered every other week, and I have enough food to last me those two weeks.  I do supplement my produce with some frozen fruits and vegetables, but other than that, I very rarely need to get fresh produce at the grocery store. In the picture above, I had a lot more onions, another sweet pepper, and a few more apples, just to give you an idea of how much food I was sent. Also, for every box they send, they send another to a family in need, which is awesome. Hungry Harvest only delivers in the DMV area, as well as Philadelphia, but there are many other ugly fruit and vegetable subscription services similar to them (Imperfect Produce in the Bay Area and soon LA and Local Roots NY in NYC).

Since I've been ordering from them, I waste a lot less food (which is also due to the fact that I don't keep meat in my apartment anymore). If I know I won't use it before it goes bad, I freeze it for later, which also helps cut down on food waste. 

I love Hungry Harvest so much (I even convinced my organization's CEO to get the Office Harvest for everyone at the office), and I just had to share with everyone. If you're trying to reduce your food waste, and can't purchase ugly fruit and vegetables, there are other ways to reduce food waste. 

Disclosure: I've become so passionate about ugly fruits and vegetables and reducing food waste that I've become a Hungry Harvest Ambassador. Hooray, I'm a #hungryharvesthero! Use the code HERO5 to get $5 off your Hungry Harvest order. While I did not receive any compensation for this post, it does contain an affiliate link, and I may receive free or discounted products. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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