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When I originally thought about writing this blog post and creating this infographic, I thought it would take me forever to find gels with no PVP, but to my surprise, this was pretty easy.

PVP is an ingredient often found in hair gel, and other hair products that define curly styles and reduce frizz. It’s your best defense against humidity, and for me, hair gels with PVP would be a holy grail during the summer’s oppressive heat and brutal humidity…but my hair isn’t fond of it.

Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air, and the higher the humidity, the more water. When there’s a lot of water in the air, curly and natural hair will frizz, potentially creating knots and tangles. PVP works by creating a seal around the hair blocking moisture out, meaning no frizz. Because of its ability to block moisture out, PVP can be drying for some people, and since my hair needs moisture, I’m one of those people.

So, like every summer, I will be on the search for a hair gel without PVP, but can still keep a stretched or straight hairstyle from turning into a large poof ball. Lucky for me, a quick google search gave me a great start.

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