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FroBunni: Review: Infinity Jars

I don't make this as apparent on my blog as I do on Instagram, but I consider myself a foodie. I love cooking different recipes and cuisines, so I have quite a large collection of cookbooks and kitchen gadgets, despite being in a tiny studio. From a mandolin, to a spiralizer, coffee press, blender, food processor, you name it, I more than likely have it. But what I have it kitchen gadgets, I lack in decent storage containers. I keep everything in plastic, which is economical (better than getting something that creates waste), but I wish I had glass, which is better for the environment, safer to microwave, and is resistant to food stains. So when Infinity Jars offered to send me some bottles, I jumped at the chance.

Fun fact about Infinity Jars, I actually heard about them before they emailed me. They're rather popular in the natural hair community, especially for women who make their own hair products and need to store their DIY mixtures.

Infinity Jars has many different kinds and sizes of jars and bottles. I had to spend a couple of days deciding what I wanted. The easiest pick was the square glass bottle with oil spout. I keep canola oil next to my stove for cooking and I use it literally every day. It's a staple in my kitchen; it's a healthy fat contain omega 3's, it doesn't have a strong taste like olive oil, and it has a high smoke point perfect for frying and roasting. In the original bottle, it's an eyesore, but I knew the glass bottle from Infinity Jars would be perfect.

I also got the 500ml glass jar with the intention to use it to store my linguine pasta.

After a week, I was excited to get my bottles in the mail. I took them out of the box, cut off the bubble wrap, and washed them. When they were fully dried, I put my oil in the bottle...and tried to figure out what to do with the jar. It wasn't tall enough to hold my linguine. Then I realized it's the perfect size to keep my hibiscus tea in, which was just sitting in a drawer in the original plastic bag it came in.

I've had my Infinity Jars for two weeks now, and I honestly love them. My oil is now in a beautiful glass bottle on my counter. And with the oil spout, I never accidentally put too much oil in a pan or pot. I also love my tea jar, and honestly, if you have tea, Infinity Jars are your best bet to keeping your tea fresher longer. Because of Infinity Jars' design, which keeps light and air out, tea will keep its color and flavor for twice as long.

All in all, these jars are really awesome. I definitely recommend them for people trying to bring more eco-friendly glass containers in their kitchen, as well as using them for other purposes, such as beauty products and cosmetics.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, however I did receive a sample for my review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

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