Are we surprised? Is anyone surprised by this post? Well, not suprisingly, I picked up Giovanni's Avocado and Olive Oil shampoo and conditioner. I think I tried both at one point, but I never did a review...just checked, nope, never did a review. Well, I'm doing a review now because they may become a part of my regimen. So let's get to it.

First things first, I've been looking for a new shampoo for awhile. I liked the Made Beautiful PUREifying Cleanser, but it really requires two to three washes to effectively remove build up on my scalp and hair, which is frustrating. This means more time in the shower, more product, and most importantly, more manipulation, which can cause breakage. I was kind of over it a month ago, but since I still have three more bottles, I tried to suck it up and use it...I'll just give them to a friend.

I've also been looking for a conditioner because the Made Beautiful INSPIRE Creamy Coconut Conditioner is not in stores meaning I will always have to buy it online. This is rather inconvenient and a big contributor to if I will continue to use a product.

Anyways, last week, I was in a little mom and pop corner store looking for something to eat, since I just finished teaching yoga, didn't want to cook, and was really hungry. I passed their natural beauty section (yes, we have natural beauty sections in small mom and pop stores in D.C.) and noticed they had a sale on the Giovanni Avocado and Olive Oil line. Well, I decided to get it with almost no thought because, like I mentioned above, I was just over washing my hair multiple times to get a good clean, and I really like Giovanni products.

I've used both products twice and I'm in love! The shampoo effectively cleans my hair and scalp with one wash, and even better, it keeps my hair detangled (I usually pre-poo, detangle, then shampoo). The conditioner is super moisturizing and has a lot of slip. Since I've started using the shampoo and conditioner, I also notice my hair stays cleaner longer, which means less dandruff and no stinky hair, which is great because I've been working out more with yoga and HIIT classes.

In comparison to other Giovanni lines I've tried, this is the one I recommend for naturals. This isn't to say the other lines aren't great or that I wouldn't use them, but my hair is a lot more moisturized using the Avocado and Olive Oil shampoo and conditioner. And this is to be expected considering the Ultra-Moist Deep Deep Moisture Mask is the most moisturizing deep conditioner I've ever used. It's also easier to find this line in stores, compared to other lines, which is really important to me.

All in all, they're great products. Like I said, I'm sure they'll make a permanent place in my regimen soon. Along with leaving my hair clean and super moisturized, I can find this at most stores in the area.

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