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Most days I bring my lunch to work, but once a week, I let myself splurge and enjoy the many delicious eats that D.C. has to offer. A creature of habit, I often find myself going to the same places, but thankfully, the food is so good, I have no reason to go anywhere else. Here are my five favorite places to do lunch in the District.

Chopt Salad: If given the choice, I could probably live off of Caesar salads. They're my favorite, and even better when I can add shrimp, eggs, or chicken. That's where Chopt comes in. They offer huge bowls of salad with a variety of options, from classics like Caesar and Cobb salad, to seasonal specials like the summer picnic salad.

Protein Bar: Not sure how to win me over? Just ask the Protein Bar. After a not so delicious grain bowl, their response to my twitter complaint was swift and also humorous. I gave them another chance, and I found my smoothie king. Their protein smoothies not only make for a quick and easy lunch, but they're also really good. They have tons of smoothies, but if you need a recommendation, you can't go wrong with the Federal A'Peel.

Brown Bag: I don't get sandwiches often, but when I do, I head to Brown Bag because they do sandwiches best. They offer so many different kinds of creative sandwiches from the Coltrane Chicken to the N.Y. Reuben. And for the times when I don't feel like eating meat, the Parisian and Roma are perfect.

Vapiano: What happens when I'm at work, it's lunch time, and I wish for nothing more than comforting, warm pasta? I go to Vapiano! Vapiano is a delightful experience. You can watch the chefs make your food, then sit down at a rustic table, and pick fresh herbs to add to your pasta. While it's great for lunch, it also makes for a nice place to meet up with friends or a date.

Abunai Poké: If you're just hearing about poké for the first time, you're definitely missing out. Poké, a dish from Hawaii with cubed raw tuna or salmon marinated in soy sauce and sesame oil, is not only delicious, but really healthy. Rice, seaweed, and sauce are added to make for a comforting, but surprisingly, light meal. I always recommend the garlic ahi, and you have to try the Hawaiian coffee.

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