5 Things You Should Know Before Being a Yoga Teacher

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It's been a year since I took the plunge and signed up for yoga teacher training. I can definitely say that it's one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I was taught at 405 Yoga, and my teachers had a solid and well-rounded curriculum. I got lots of hands-on practice, but even with all the preparation, being in yoga teacher training and being a yoga teacher are two completely different things. My first time teaching, I had a student walk out of my class, frustrated that it was too slow paced, and I was sure that I made a huge mistake. But with each class, I got more confident and settled in my teaching style. But it would've been nice if someone told me these five things before I started.

You'll Be a Ball of Nerves Those First Few Classes
The very first time I taught a class on my own, I was nervous to say the least. I was in my head most of the class, and when one of my students walked out, it only got worse. You're still finding your rhythm and style those first few classes. Continue to practice your sequences, as well as cueing, and trust me, it will only get better.

It's Actually Mentally Strenuous
Teaching is mentally exhausting. I was told this multiple times during yoga teacher training, but I didn't fully know what it's like until I began to teach. Coming up with and remembering creative and meaningful sequences prior to class, cueing correctly, adjusting students, and remembering names (my personal vice) can be a lot. You may also be exhausted after teaching, and that's okay and normal. But that leads me to my next point...

You'll Need to Learn Work-Life Balance
With everything going on in my life, teaching twice a week is enough. Occasionally, I sub an extra class here and there, but my normal schedule is only two classes. Go slow with taking on yoga teaching jobs. Start with one, if you can handle that, add an extra class. Got a handle on that, add another one. You can add as many as you like, but just make sure you're not getting burned out. Otherwise, you'll find it to be a chore and won't enjoy it.

You're Not Done Learning
Another lesson drilled into me during yoga teacher training is you're never done learning. Continue to take classes from other teachers, go to seminars, and network. I've taken this one to heart, and it's only made me a better yoga teacher. From sequence ideas, better cueing, music, meditations, and more, I've literally picked up bits and pieces from other yoga teachers and implemented it into my teaching style. It has help me tremendously as I continue my yoga journey.

You Have to Build-Up Your Own Following
This is one I mentally struggle with quite regularly. Even with the best social media, it can take some time to consistently have classes filled with students. Be patient, be consistent, and it will happen. When you start to see the same faces at your class over and over again, just know you're doing something right.

Are you a yoga teacher? What lessons have you learned after teaching training?

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