3 Affordable, At-Home Design Services

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FroBunni | 3 Affordable At Home Design Services

If you followed me from the very start of my blog, I have done this three times now. But I’m serious this time! I promise, scouts honor. I’m going to redecorate my apartment, and not just redecorate, but move and be in a whole new place. I decided earlier this month that I want to be back in DC. I currently live in one of the outside suburbs, and while I like it, between work and play, I spent most of my time in the nation’s Capitol. And even though the thought of moving again, and moving away from an area that I truly love, is stressful and a little scary, I know in the long run, it’s the best decision for me.

This past weekend, I looked high and low for a new place to call home, and while I haven’t found something just yet, the thought of redecorating is rather exciting. I have a little more than six months left before I turn the big 3-0, and I feel it’s time to have a big girl space. I also think it’s time that I acknowledge that unless I get a little help, I won’t have my dream space. So I’ve been looking into online design packages, and I’m really digging these options.

Havenly: Take a quiz, pick your designer, decide on your style, and in 2-3 weeks, you’ll have a space perfect for you. The most affordable option out of the three, Havenly gives you a beautiful space for a fraction of cost of a typical interior designer. It’s free to get product recommendation and style advice, but if you want a concept and curated shopping list, it will cost at least $79.
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Decorilla: With Decorilla, you’ll get multiple proposals from which to choose, 3D renderings of your space to help you visualize the finished product, and discounts on popular stores like Crate and Barrel. Of course, the extra service is going to cost you. While prices vary, you’re looking at $500 to have someone design a small living room.
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Home Polish: With Home Polish, you get a designer and an account manager to help you through the process of redecorating your space. Unlike the other options, you’ll need to live in places that have Home Polish designers. While it’s not nationwide, there are over 15 locations, which include New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Austin, and Seattle. You’ll also be given a rate per hour, meaning it could cost you a little bit more. While this may be a turn off to some, Home Polish will give you the most personal experience than the other options.

While I haven’t decided on which service I will use, I am really excited that I have so many different options. Check back soon to see what my new space will look like, which service I choose, and what my new space will look like!

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