5 Natural Hair Challenges to Try This Year

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FroBunni | 5 Natural Hair Challenges to Try this Year

A New Year and a new you, as the saying goes. But what about new hair? With New Year’s resolutions abounding, it’s always easy to get caught up in all the goals you have for your hair. But how exactly do you go about accomplishing all of them? Why, a hair challenge of course! Hair challenges put your resolve and determination to the test as you learn how to care for your hair, try new hairstyles, or even just give yourself a break. If you have some goals for your hair, or just want to try something different, here are five natural hair challenges to consider this year.

No-Heat Challenge – The more I use heat, the more the no-heat challenge becomes a personal favorite of mine. While heat tolerance varies from hair to hair, if you find that you often turn to the blow dryer or flat iron, consider nixing heat from your regimen to see if your hair retains more moisture or length.

Protect Your Ends Challenge – If you’re prone to breakage and split ends, you may find that this challenge is perfect for you. Moisturize and seal daily; deep condition every wash day; opt for simple, but protective hairstyles, like flat twists and French rolls; and you’ll find success with this challenge.

Low Manipulation Challenge – There could be a lot of reasons for doing a low-manipulation hair challenge. Maybe you’re focusing too much on your hair or maybe you have a lot of breakage, but whatever the reason, this hands-off challenge can help retain length and give yourself a break when natural hair becomes frustrating or overwhelming.

No New Products Challenge – Calling all product junkies! If new products are your thing, then consider this challenge. Whether constantly buying products are hurting your pockets, or you’re just not sure what is and isn’t working for your hair, this challenge will focus on what you have, instead of what you could have.

30 Days of New Hairstyles Challenge – Boring hairstyles? Running to the same old bun? Or maybe you want to find your new signature look? If a low-manipulation challenge is for those who can’t stop styling their hair, the 30 days of new hairstyles challenge are for those that want to try something different, be more creative, or just learn how to master the French braid.

Do you have a hair challenge planned for this year? What is it and what are you hoping to accomplish?

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