Adulting is Hard and That's Why Meal Kits Exist

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As much as I try to meal prep, I am pretty terrible at it. I'll be good at it for the first week of the month and then everything deteriorates. Between work, teaching yoga, working out, hanging out with friends, dating, visiting my parents, and sleeping, I always forget to go grocery shopping. I get my fruits and vegetables from Hungary Harvest, and I can pick up some milk and eggs at Rite Aid, but that honestly doesn't leave enough for a full meal. So either I starve (I don't recommend this) or I go out to eat a lot (I don't recommend this either). Adulting is pretty hard, but on a recent trip to Wegman's, I found a way to make adulting a little bit easier.

On a recent trip with my mom, I found many, many different meal kits. But not just any meal kit, they were healthy meal kits. But not just healthy meal kits, healthy meal kits that could be completed in less than 15 minutes. And as someone who sometimes gets home at 9pm and has to figure out what to do for lunch the next day, these are lifesavers.

Modern Table | FroBunni
Protein packed and gluten-free, Modern Table's pasta is made with lentils making it both comforting and filling. Each box comes with three servings and can be cooked up in 15 minutes!
Meal Ideas: Everything is already done, but I would probably add some extra veggies.

Tasty Bite Spice & Simmer | FroBunni
I'm not the best at making Indian food, so thank you Tasty Bite for doing the heavy lifting. These sauces can be made in only a few minutes, and all you have to do is add some rice and vegetables. Nice and simple.
Meal Ideas: There's a place that sells paneer (Indian cheese) by my apartment, so I would pick some up, add in some broccoli, and eat with rice. 

"From bag to bowl in 60 seconds." And for busy people like me, that is a lifesaver. Made in Nature is known for their snacks, but they also have these super quick grain bowls that can be made into meals. They're packed with lots of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. All I need is a protein.
Meal Ideas: Depending on the kind I got, probably hummus or maybe even eggs over easy.

Grainful | FroBunni
When I think of oatmeal, I think of something sweet, probably because I eat oatmeal for breakfast and add honey and fruit. But oatmeal can be turned into a savory meal, which is great if you're trying to eat a gluten-free diet! 
Meal Ideas: Add some roasted veggies to make it a full meal.

neat | FroBunni
Neat is...well...pretty neat. Since I don't keep meat in my apartment and eat a mostly vegetarian diet, I sometimes have difficulty getting enough protein. Unfortunately, I don't really like the taste of most meat replacements. But Neat is different. Their meat replacements aren't soy based, they're actual nuts or beans. They probably don't taste like meat (I'll follow up with a review), but since I actually like nuts and beans, I'm not worried about the taste as much. 
Meal Ideas: Veggie burgers or a taco salad. 

Have you tried any of these? If so, which ones and did you like them?

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