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If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I have Crohn’s disease, a type of inflammatory bowel disease. While I was in remission for over two years, the disease has slowly been becoming active again. Navigating this disease has always been difficult, but this time, it’s manifesting completely differently in my body, which is both strange and frustrating. TMI, but I spend a lot more time in the bathroom, and my body isn’t digesting food the way it used to. Couple this with the fact that I eat significantly less meat, and I am often exhausted or tired from lack of nutrition, despite the fact that I am eating more. To manage these changes, I am learning how to eat differently than before, which means I’ve been eating more peanut butter.

Because our bodies’ don’t always fully digest food, many people with inflammatory bowel disease can’t consume nuts because they have the potential to get stuck in the intestines. This often leaves us with smooth nut butters as an alternative. And with peanut butter often being the most inexpensive and easy to find, it’s become a staple in my home. Peanut butter is packed with protein, as well as fiber, healthy fats, and magnesium; and it can be added into many different recipes seamlessly. And for me, that’s a win-win.

So, how do I use peanut butter in my day to day dietary life. I love adding it to smoothies in the morning, it makes the perfect dressing or sauce on salad and Buddha bowls, and it’s the base for many different protein balls.

Dressing or Sauce

Protein Balls


While these are my favorite ways to use peanut butter, this is only the tip of the iceberg. What’s your favorite peanut butter recipes?

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