How to Pick a Great Stylist

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If you know me, you know that I'm really apprehensive about going to a hairdresser. Before I went natural, I often relied on a hairdresser to relax and/or style my hair, but my experiences were always average, at best. Despite knowing some amazing hairdressers today, my reception of many has still been lukewarm. But as my hair gets longer, I'm hoping that I'll warm up to the concept of getting my hair done again soon (because these 5 hour wash days are not fun).

But when I am ready, I will use these seven tips to find a great hairdresser that I can trust.
  1. Do they work with natural hair: When I say natural hair, I mean can they style a twist out, do a roller set on kinky hair without blow drying first, comb natural hair properly. The reality is many hairdressers who say they work with natural hair, really mean they know how to straighten natural hair. And if that's not what you're looking for, finding someone else is your best option. 
  2. Look through their portfolio (or Instagram): A picture speaks a thousand words. Along with making sure they can create beautiful hairstyles, you can get a general idea of their style and expertise. 
  3. Get a rundown of their process: If you don't want to style your own hair, at the very least,  know how to do it so that you'll know if a hairdresser is doing something wrong (i.e. detangling hair with a fine-tooth comb or blow drying on the highest setting possible).
  4. Know what's in the products: A woman once told me she doesn't know what her hairdresser uses on her hair, and that it's "already mixed" when she gets in the chair (I suspected relaxer was mixed in). Don't let this be you. Know what products the hairdresser is using on your hair, and inform them of any potential sensitives or allergies you may have.
  5. Read reviews: Reviews are hit or miss, so take them with a grain of salt, but if you notice a trend, such as the hairdresser doesn't listen or she can't cut straight (personal experience of mine), then walk away. Also, talk to their current clients if you can too. 
  6. Ask about rates and fees: Know all potential rates and fees ahead of time so that you know how much everything will cost, and if there's something that seems unnecessary (i.e. charging extra for natural hair). Also, be familiar with any late or cancellation fees that they may have. 
  7. Know when to walk away: If you've done all your homework, and you're getting a small toothed comb raked through your hair, get out of the seat. If a hairdresser is doing anything wrong, speak up, and if they don't change, know when to just get up and leave. It may seem mean or insensitive, but at the end of the day, it's your hair and you have that right. 
Of course, these can work for anyone who touches your hair, from a hairdresser to a braider, and even your own mom. What are some things you ask a potential hairdresser before you sit down in their chair?

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