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At the beginning of the year, after a three month hiatus, I finally came out to say that I was having a health crisis. Since then, I've gone through a lot of testing, and I finally have an addition to Crohn's disease, I have Celiac disease (or Coeliac disease for my readers in the UK).

For those who aren't familiar with Celiac disease, it is an autoimmune disorder where the digestion of gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley, can damage the small intestine, which prevents nutrient absorption. The only treatment is a strict lifelong adherence to a gluten-free diet.

It's been over a month since I got the official diagnosis, and it's still an adjustment. While there's a lot that I apparently can't eat, like bread, some have come as a shock, like soy sauce. But while cooking at home hasn't been so bad, eating out has been a struggle. My usual choices, like fried calamari, buffalo wings, ramen, and bolognese, are no longer options. And I have to communicate to my server that my food cannot come in contact with any wheat or flour.

But with all the changes, the pain has been slowly going away, and I'm starting to get back to my normal routine, like eating healthy, working out, and teaching yoga. And because Celiac disease affects digestion and nutrient absorption, which affects many other parts of the body, I may see some other benefits like more energy, less acne breakouts, and an improved mood.

All in all, while I'm a little apprehensive, the future is starting to look bright again.

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