Bantu-Knots, Braids, Culformers: Which Dries Hair Faster header image

It's almost June! And with that comes another attempt at managing my hair in this humidity. I usually just two-strand twist and bun, but I want to try some new styles this year. If I sound like a broken record, it's because I've been on this journey for the past year and a half. I've also been regularly blow drying my hair this long too, and while I've found a way to avoid heat damage and breakage, I'm pretty much over how bloated my wash day has become.
5 Alcohol-Free Hairsprays header image

Here we are again. Another spring moving into summer, and I have to contend with humidity. I've been testing out curling mousses, and I've started to gain an interest in hairsprays.

The most obvious issue is that hair spray contains alcohol and alcohol denat., which can be very drying for natural hair. Luckily, hair spray formulations have come a long way, and many brands are removing the alcohol to make them healthier for more textured hair types.