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Here we are again. Another spring moving into summer, and I have to contend with humidity. I've been testing out curling mousses, and I've started to gain an interest in hairsprays.

The most obvious issue is that hair spray contains alcohol and alcohol denat., which can be very drying for natural hair. Luckily, hair spray formulations have come a long way, and many brands are removing the alcohol to make them healthier for more textured hair types.

There's a lot of alcohol-free hairsprays on the market, but I found five that could easily work for curly hair. Oh, and one more thing to note, alcohol is added to hairspray for a reason, specifically to help the product dry as quickly as possible. Without that, there is potential to cause frizz, so it might be better to use hairspray to set the hairstyle, as opposed to spraying it on the finished style.

5 Alcohol-Free Hairsprays for Natural and Curly Hair

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