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In my last post, I wrote about how I needed a change from my (long and exhausting) regimen. That Saturday, I started the Curly Girl Method and have been following it consistently since. Even though it's been a learning experience, I haven't had too much frustration (yet *knock on wood*), and reconnecting with my natural hair texture has been both refreshing and enlightening. Here is what I've learned so far.

My Hair Loves Moisture: Yes, I knew this before I started doing the curly girl method, but my hair really loves to be wet more than once a week. Cowashing in between washes has been very beneficial for my hair, and I've noticed that I've had less tangles and breakage because of it. I also haven't had much dandruff washing more often.

I Don't Need to Moisturize and Seal Daily: Because my hair is getting fully saturated multiple times a week, I don't need to moisturize and seal daily. This is great because it means I don't have to spend as much time on my hair every day.

Wash N Go's Can Work with the Right Technique and Product: I used to think I couldn't do wash n go's, but I've learned this isn't the case. I just wasn't using the right technique and product. Before, when I would do a wash n go, I wouldn't apply the gel up to the roots, which is important to ensure the roots don't tangle and mesh together. I also need a product with a decent amount of hold, meaning that I cannot use curling cremes.

Less Tangles and Shedding: I mentioned this above, but I have less tangles and shedding than before, which means less breakage. I am hoping to surpass my most recent plateau. Fingers crossed.

I Need to Learn Curly Hairstyles: It's amazing how inept I am at styling my hair like this. I am so used to stretching my hair, but when it comes to my own curly hair, I am just confused. I've been watching YouTube videos, so hopefully I can learn something soon.

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