Decorating your Home? Shop These 10 Places

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I am almost done decorating my apartment, and I can't wait to show you all! If you're wondering what has taken me so long, it has been a mix of constantly moving apartments and finding the right style. I used Pinterest and Apartment Therapy to give me an infinite amount of decorating ideas, and finally (after 5 years), I started to buy items. While I know the look I am going for, finding the right piece can take a long time. But, I am almost there. Until then, here's a list of my most shopped stores for decorating my apartment.

New Year! New Regimen!

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Last year, I overhauled my complicated, bloated regimen and adopted a simpler regimen based on the Curly Girl Method. The goal was to decrease the amount of time it took for me to care for my hair, while still maintaining its health and length.

New Year, New Decade: What I Thought My Life Would Look Like at 31

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Happy New Year! And as the saying goes, “new year, new me!” But more than just a new year, this is a new decade. This time 10 years ago, I was on Christmas break preparing for my final semester of college. I was excited for what the future had to hold and had a lot of expectations I planned to meet. Of course, life has a way of working differently than we expect.