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I am almost done decorating my apartment, and I can't wait to show you all! If you're wondering what has taken me so long, it has been a mix of constantly moving apartments and finding the right style. I used Pinterest and Apartment Therapy to give me an infinite amount of decorating ideas, and finally (after 5 years), I started to buy items. While I know the look I am going for, finding the right piece can take a long time. But, I am almost there. Until then, here's a list of my most shopped stores for decorating my apartment.

Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters: Both Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters are expensive, but they have good sales often (think 50% off). Their unique, boho pieces add unique character to any home.

Wayfair: Whenever I have an idea of what I want, but I’m unsure what it looks like, I head to Wayfair. Their filters can help you narrow down color, material type, and price.

Bed, Bath & Beyond: The perfect place to find organizers, quality linens and towels, and even simple furniture and lamps. Plus, they have 20% off coupons that never expire and free online returns.

West Elm: While West Elm gets a bad rap for the quality of their furniture, I’ve found them great for smaller d├ęcor items like planters, rugs, mirrors, and even small furniture items (like side tables and dining chairs).

Michaels: Need picture frames on the cheap? Michaels is the place to go. Plus, they’re another place that always has a sale.

Etsy: I like abstract art in rose pink shades, which is very specific, but if I can think it, Etsy has it. Even better, you can buy a digital print, and print it out at an office supply store for less than $20.

IKEA: What’s a home decorating list without Ikea? IKEA’s neutral, simple, and well-designed items can be incorporated in any decorative style.

Costco: If you have a Costco membership, you’ll be able to find a lot of home items for bargain prices; furniture, especially.

Home Goods: No Home Goods has the same thing, and while that can be frustrating, you can find very inexpensive, unique items if you’re willing to look.

World Market: Another store with plenty of sales, if your style is rustic, boho, or globally inspired, you’ll be in heaven in World Market.

Any place on the list that you love? Any place not on the list that you love? Let me know!

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  1. I jyst became a fan of World Market..My got to is thrift shopping..I always find unique peices..Pictures rugs curtains antique furniture etc..