New Year! New Regimen!

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Last year, I overhauled my complicated, bloated regimen and adopted a simpler regimen based on the Curly Girl Method. The goal was to decrease the amount of time it took for me to care for my hair, while still maintaining its health and length.

The first month wasn’t hard, but it wasn’t easy either. I wore wash n’ gos that month, but soon got tired of the upkeep. I went back to stretching my hair, but kept my hair in two-strand twists while making tweaks to my regimen. Eventually, I found something that worked, cutting the time I spent on my hair from five hours a week to only two. Here are my three biggest takeaways.

Hydration over Moisture: The biggest change to my regimen is that I saturate my hair twice a week. My original regimen had me washing my hair once a week and moisturizing and sealing daily, while, with my current regimen, I alternate between washing and cowashing every four days, with no moisturizing and sealing in between (unless to reset a style).

This may seem like a lot, but it’s shortened the time I spent on my hair each week. My wash days never last more than an hour, and saturating my hair with water more effectively moisturizes my hair compared to moisturizing and sealing. Not to mention, I have less shedding and tangles, my hair is shinier, and hair styles look better and last longer.

Hair Cuts are my Friend: I used to be a big critic of regular haircuts, but after a recent and 10-year overdue appointment with a hairdresser, I am changed! Back in October/ November, I went to the hairdresser for the first time in 10 years to get a much-needed haircut. Three to four inches of hair was cut off, and my hair feels and acts so much better. It absorbs more moisture, tangles less, and doesn’t frizz.

I’ll be making trips to the hairdresser for a cut twice a year. I won’t need as much hair taken off next time, but regular trims are important to get rid of damaged ends that do my hair no favors.

Less Products, Less Stress: I used to have a lot of products. I never called myself a product junkie, but I did have an overflow and surplus of products that I would use. I convinced myself they were necessary for good hair care, but all those products were expensive and took up space. I threw most of them out, and now only keep a few essentials and staples.

To see my full regimen and product list, check out My Regimen page (which, I have finally updated after over a year).

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