10 Things to do while Social Distancing

in , by FroBunni, Tuesday, March 24, 2020
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I’ve been social distancing for a little over a week now, and like many, I am bored and struggling to find something to do. But while it has been frustrating, I have found that I have more time to read, learn some Spanish, and blog (two blog posts in a week, it’s been awhile since I accomplished that). While I will admit this time isn’t fun, it is a good time to try a new hobby, improve a skill, or finish project (maybe even all three).

  1. Read a Book: Never understood the hype for that popular book series? Always wanted to read that new self-help book? Or maybe you just haven't read in a while. Now is a great time to pick up that book, or two or three. And if you can't get to the library, apps like Libby bring the library to you with free e-books and audiobooks.
  2. Try a New Recipe: Sous vide, confit, or soufflé. Every night can be a new meal night. Not sure which recipe to try or need a helping hand? Companies like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh will send you a recipe and all the food you need to cook something new and delicious.
  3. Learn a Language: Planning a trip to France? Not sure how to pronounce that fancy menu item at the new Italian restaurant. Learning a new language is not only fun, but easy with apps like Duolingo and Mango.
  4. Be Creative: Become the next Picasso and work on that 21st century masterpiece. Get the creative juices flowing by painting, drawing, coloring, sewing, knitting, crocheting, weaving, macramé-ing or any other creative activity.
  5. Start a Garden: Whether it's indoor or outdoor, herbs or flowers, with Spring here, it's prime time to work that green thumb and start a garden. And if you want a garden without the work, stores like Lively Root, the Sill, and even Home Depot deliver live plants and flowers to your door.
  6. Learn a new Skill: Need to learn to code? Or maybe that new raise requires you to learn how to write a press release. Learn a new skill to take your career to the next level (or just for fun). You can learn a new skill using LinkedIn Learning or even YouTube!
  7. Foster a Dog: If you're lonely and have the time and money, consider fostering a dog (or cat). A pet will keep you company, help reduce your stress, and is a great way to help your local shelter.
  8. Write or Journal: During times of uncertainty and stress, writing can be cathartic. Whether you start writing a book or just want to get out some emotions during this time, get a pen and paper or open the Notes app on your phone and start writing.
  9. Decorate Your Home: Put up those pictures to create a gallery wall. Switch your decor from winter to spring. De-clutter the closet. You can get a head start on all those home projects with the extra time.
  10. Get Physical: And you don't have to stay inside! Consider a run outside or maybe a hike. Stretch and be mindful with yoga, build some muscle and lift weights, or even learn that cool dance move you saw on TikTok.
What have you been doing to pass the time while social distancing?

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