Hair Tips for Lazy Naturals

in , by FroBunni, Friday, April 03, 2020
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My hair care routine during this pandemic has definitely not been consistent. In fact, for the first few weeks I began social distancing, I didn't do much to take care of my hair, let alone follow my typical regimen. But, since then, I've gotten in some sort of routine that has kept my hair from getting extremely dry, tangled, and damaged during this time.

Baggy Method: The baggy, or greenhouse, method is when you dampen your hair and leave a plastic bag on it for, at least, a few hours. This method helps to hydrate the hair (hydration is different than moisturizing) keeping hair moisturized and reducing breakage. I've been doing this once a week in between wash days.

Low Manipulation/ Protective Styles: Since I'm not going anywhere or trying to wow anyone, I've been in two-strand twists since I've been social distancing. It's an easy hairstyle that looks pretty good when I do go out to get some food, and it keeps my ends from getting tangled and dry. You don't have to do two-strand twist either, braids and buns are just fine too.

Spray Bottle Moisturizer: You don't have to make this complicated, just put some water, leave-in conditioner, and oil in a spray bottle, and spray hair daily or every other day. It only takes a couple seconds, and this way, you don't even have to take down your hair.

Deep Condition Every Wash Day: I usually don't deep condition every wash day, but since I am not co-washing like usual, I need to make sure my hair is moisturized. I normally deep condition with a heating cap (deep conditioning using heat helps the conditioner better penetrate the hair shaft), but I can't be bothered during this time. Instead, I deep condition in the shower by putting a plastic cap on while deep conditioning, which creates a similar effect.

No-Heat: I haven't used heat in a bit, but I am especially careful not to use it while deviating from my regimen. While heat can be used on natural hair in a way that still elicits healthy hair, over use of heat and high heat can be very damaging. Right now, keeping my hair moisturized and reducing breakage is my biggest focus, so for now, heat is a big no-no.

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