Never Have Dry Hair Again! Hydration vs. Moisture

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Hydration vs. Moisture explaination

For a long time, I believed that moisturizing and sealing was the most important thing to healthy, natural hair. I would moisturize and seal every night before bed, and for a long time, that was working. But when I was four years natural, I began to notice my hair would get dry and I would have more breakage. I began changing my regimen, incorporating more products and different techniques to fix the problem, and my regimen became more and more time-consuming and complex.

Fast forward to last July, and I decided to adopt the curly girl method to simplify my regimen. This is when I learned the difference between hydrating hair and moisturizing hair, and why it's the key to preventing dry hair.

First, what is hydration and how does it differ from moisturizing? Hydration is the water content within the hair strand. It happens when you saturate hair, such as when you're washing or cowashing. Comparatively, moisturizing is the water content in the top layers of the hair strand. It happens when you apply water or a water-based leave-in to dry hair. Moisturizing is a quick fix and doesn't get to the inner layers of the hair strand.

If you're still confused, think of it a bit like this: drinking water is hydrating the body, while applying a lotion to the skin is moisturizing. One is necessary to life, the other isn't and will depend on preference, habit, and lifestyle.

The reason my hair got dry and began breaking around the four year mark of my natural hair journey is because I changed my regimen. Instead of saturating my hair every day or every other day, I moved to saturating my hair weekly and relying more on moisturizing and sealing. At the time, I wasn't able to put 2-and-2 together and thought that my ends were getting weaker due to length (the ends of your hair are the oldest parts of your hair). But when I began to adopt the curly girl method and added cowashing into my regimen, saturating my hair from once a week to twice a week, the health of my hair  greatly improved, I had a lot less knots and tangles, and my hair was less frizzy.

So if you're struggling with dry hair, then you may not be hydrating your hair enough, try cowashing or even just saturating hair in between wash days and see if that helps.

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  1. This is really an eye-opener.Now I know why my hair felt better when I hydrated between washdays.I didn't know what I was doing exactly.I'll incorporate this into my regimen.Thank you.