Doing Things Different: Embracing Minimalism

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Image of plant with text "A new Direction: Embracing Minimalism in life and on the Blog"

I’ve been writing this blog since 2013. It originally started as a way to document my hair journey, as well as share recipes, workouts, and my outfits with the world. Since I started blogging, I got a little overwhelmed. I wanted my blog to be influential, and the more time passed, the more I began to buy more hair and beauty products, clothes, makeup, and more with the intention of making my blog, social media channels, and myself influential.

While I wanted to build to my brand, I began to build my stuff, or better yet accumulate more stuff. Twice, I’ve filled my clothes to the brim, mostly with clothes that still had tags. And twice, I would go through it all, take out the pieces I wasn’t wearing, and donate them. And again, I am repeating this process.

Over the weekend, I read The Year of Less: How I Stopped Shopping, Gave Away My Belongings, and Discovered Life Is Worth More Than Anything You Can Buy in a Store by Cait Flanders. I’ve read a lot of self-help minimalism books, but something was different with this one. Whether it was more memoir than self-help, and I was able to relate to much of Cait’s personal story, or the COVID-19 pandemic and 20 weeks of social distancing is causing me to rethink my lifestyle, but I was inspired to do a year of no shopping.

The rules are simple and the overall concept is very similar to Cait’s.

What I’m Allowed to Shop For:

  • Groceries and basic kitchen supplies
  • Hair and beauty products, cosmetics, toiletries already in my regimen (only when I run out)
  • Cleaning products
  • Gifts for others
  • Items on approved shopping list

What I’m NOT Allowed to Shop For:

  • Clothes, shoes, accessories
  • Take-out coffee and food
  • Furniture, home décor, candles
  • Electronics, books, planners/ organizers
  • Anything that I think “will make my life better,” “will get X company to notice me,” “I need this to…”

Approved Shopping List:

  • Bed and art for living and bedroom
  • Workout shoes
  • Plant care/ supplies
  • Supplies to make candles
  • Supplies for an herb garden

I will admit that my original approved shopping list included things that I didn’t need like workout clothes and stools for my living room, but after some thought, I realized that their inclusion on the list was counterproductive. I also haven’t gone through my apartment to get rid of stuff yet, that will come either later this month or next since I’ve stayed at my mom’s since March (though we take weekly trips back to water my plants).

In addition to the shopping ban, there will be a type of social media ban. The rules are also simple.

  • No social media during work hours
  • No social media an hour before bed
  • No social media when bored
  • No social media to pass the time
  • Only use social media for 10 minutes at a time in an hour

The idea of the social media ban is two fold: to reduce my time on social media and be more productive.

While all of this sounds easy, I know it’s going to be hard. In fact, I started unofficially yesterday, and I’ve struggled to find things to do to replace my social media use, even going so far as sleeping to stay off it. I also know the shopping ban will be quite difficult, and I have taken preemptive steps by unsubscribing to all of my fashion and home décor email lists.

While it sounds extreme, I am hoping there will be a big pay off. I am hoping to be mindful, happy with what I have, and more productive (both in terms of my hobbies and career-wise).

So what does this all mean for my blog? The good thing is not much. There will be a lot less reviews, but otherwise, I plan to get back to the original intent of my blog. I’ll continue to discuss my own hair journey, as well as give natural hair advice, I’ll talk about yoga, home décor, food and recipes, and my outfits. There will also be some new topics like mindfulness, plants, and this too.

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