7 Sustainable Swaps to Common Household Items

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When you think of how much plastic is in your home, it can seem overwhelming to even think about reducing plastic use. But it’s surprisingly very easy, and it has a big payoff! From plastic wrap, razors, and even Q-tips, these products can replace common household items and lower your environmental footprint.

Bee’s Wrap: Plastic wrap in your kitchen is one of the easiest to stop using, and Bee's Wraps are great alternatives. Made from cotton coated in beeswax, they're great for keeping dry food - Parmesan cheese, crackers, bread - fresh, as well as covering bowls and containers.

Stasher: Stasher bags are silicone reusable bags that can hold everything from food to pens, toys to coins. They’re like plastic bags, but better because you can even cook with them. Hello sous vide!

Leaf Shave: Who doesn't want to replace their plastic razor with a gold, reusable one?! Sleeker, sharper, and prettier, Leaf shave is the last razor you'll ever need. Plus, it's customizable; you can use it with one, two, or three razor blades!

Hello Cup: A menstruator will use up to 15 thousand pads and tampons in a lifetime. That’s a lot of waste that can be avoided. And Hello Cup is doing just that! Reusable and comfortable, you’ll only need to replace it every five years.

Grin: Flossing is surprisingly wasteful. Most dental floss is made from nylon, which can take up to 90 years to degrade, and it's either in a plastic container or on the end a floss pic. Keep your dental health and save the planet with Brin's biodegradable dental floss and picks.

Last Swab: Reusable Q-tips? Yup, that's a thing! Reusable and sustainable, Last Object's Last Swab is a sanitary alternative to single-use cotton swabs. After each use, just wash it with soap and water. It even comes with a carrying case.

Croon Cloth: Cotton balls and rounds have a short lifespan, only a few seconds and then they're thrown away. But what if you could reuse them? With Croon Cloth, you can! Wash your face, remove your makeup, apply your skincare, then just wash with soap and water, and they're ready to go!

What products have you switched to in an effort to reduce your plastic use?

Infographic showing sustainable swabs for common household items

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