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Living a more sustainable life doesn’t have to be hard. It means making small choices that can have a big impact, like swapping out plastic bags for reusable ones or ditching the plastic razor for a metal one. But what about making your period sustainable?

I’ve been trying to find ways to stop using menstrual pads for a year. Some have been okay (like the period panties I wear at night), and others have been terrible (like the reusable pads that feel like you’re wearing heavy diapers). I’ve always wanted to use menstrual cups, but I could never find the right size. They were always too wide or long and that feeling of not feeling them was never attainable. I thought it was just my anatomy and figured it would never be possible.

Until I saw the Hello Cup.

I saw an ad for the Hello Cup a few months ago and decided to check out their website. Their menstrual cups looked smaller, especially the extra small. After another more recent failed attempt at a different menstrual cup brand, I decided to contact Hello Cup and see if they would send me one. And they did! In fact, they sent me their double box that included an extra small and a small. Unfortunately, my Hello Cup didn’t arrive until after my period, so I had to wait another 4 weeks to give it a go, but as the saying goes, good things come to those who wait, and the Hello Cup is a godsend!

Hello Cups hold three times more than a tampon, and you can exercise and sleep in them for up to 12 hours. A single cup is the equivalent of over 2000 single-use tampons and they last for a few years (at least 5). With the average menstruator going through almost 10,000 tampons in their lifetime, if you were to start using a Hello Cup when you first got your period, you would only go through 5 Hello Cups! That’s a lot less trash in the ocean.

Yoga and menstrual cup

To be fair and honest, most menstrual cups promise some variation of this. All of them are reusable and more sustainable than single-use tampons and menstrual pads. But what makes the Hello Cup better than the competitors is that it actually fits me! I literally cannot feel it regardless of what I’m doing, whether walking, running, doing yoga, or just lounging around. They really delivered on the “most comfortable menstrual cup.”

So, would I recommend the Hello Cup? Yes! Especially if you’re on the smaller side or other menstrual cups feel too big. They are pricy but they’re a lot more durable than other brands I’ve tried. So, you really are paying for quality and longevity. They have a variety of sizes (xs, small, and large, though they are on the smaller range) and colors. If you’re unsure which size to get, take their quiz, and their double box contains two sizes if you’re still unsure.

Do you use menstrual cups or other reusable menstrual products?

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