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Whenever I give natural hair advice, I always try to focus on offering technical advice instead of product recommendations. Why? Because honestly, most products are the same. Yes, they vary in ingredients, but most have the same base ingredients. You’ll find sulfate derivatives in shampoos, cetearyl and cetyl alcohol in conditioners, and a mixture of oils, butters, and extracts. But while products are very similar, changing your technique can result in drastic changes.

Tiny changes to your regimen, such as saturating hair in between washes, going from LOC to LC (liquid, oil, cream to liquid, cream), and doing two-strand twists instead of buns can have a big payoff. Even better, it costs nothing.

Here are ten technique changes that can make a difference in your regimen.

  1. Washing hair more or less often. More if you’re susceptible to build up on the scalp and hair. Less if your hair and scalp is dry.
  2. Change your moisturizing schedule. Moisturize daily if your hair gets dry, less if it gets greasy or limp.
  3. LOC vs LCO vs CO vs LO. LOC stands for liquid, oil, cream. Change the order, get rid of a letter, add a letter.
  4. Apply a pre-poo and detangle before washing hair.
  5. Try a different protective style. If you always do braids, do a bun. If you do twists, try a French roll.
  6. Cowash or saturate hair in between washes if your hair is dry.
  7. Spray hair with water before applying a moisturizer. This can help products absorb into hair better.
  8. Focus on the ends. Apply moisturizer, conditioner, and deep conditioner on your ends first and work up to the roots.
  9. If you detangle with a comb or denman, try finger detangling.
  10. Work in sections. Detangle in sections. Wash in sections. Moisturize in sections. Working in sections decreases breakage and tangles.

Do you have any techniques that have greatly improved your natural hair?

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