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This year, I made a commitment to reduce my plastic use. The easiest way to do this was by swapping out plastic food bags for reusable food bags like those from Bee’s Wrap and Stasher. While that was a good start, I knew I could do more, so I began to research other ways I could reduce my plastic use, and that’s when I found Leaf Shave.

Because I love the feeling of smooth, soft skin, I shave my legs and underarms every day (usually, the coronavirus pandemic has made me a bit lazy), which means that I go through razors pretty quickly, about 20 a year. That’s a lot of unnecessary plastic in the trash. So, I contacted Leaf Shave to see if they would send me their all-metal, three-blade razors, and to my surprise and happiness, they did!

In less than a week, I was sent a gold razor with 20 razor blades (I’m unsure if they knew I loved gold, but that won them some bonus points). So, what was shaving with an all-metal, no waste razor like?

The Good

First and foremost, this razor shaves like a dream. After shaving, my skin was so soft and smooth. I’ve been using plastic razors with upwards of five blades, and I got a closer shave with the three blades on the Leaf Shave razor. Surprisingly, there was also no razor burn, which I normally get when I use a new razor the first few times. And finally, the pivoting head really pivots. It bends almost all the way back, which was perfect for going over my knees or the curves under my arms.

All metal razor package

While not as relevant for me, the razor is customizable. You can add one, two, or three blades depending on your preference or skin sensitivity. I like a really close shave, so I had three blades. And speaking of the blades, they’re actually really easy to put in. I saw some reviews where people experienced some difficulty putting them in, but I just followed the directions in the box.

The Less Good

With an all-metal razor comes a lot of weight. This razor is heavy, but I did expect that, and I would expect that with every metal razor. Another thing, plastic razors usually have that plastic strip at the top of the razor, or they’re surrounded by gel to prevent nicks. There is none of that here, so you will want to use a shaving gel, or if you, like me, are trying to reduce your waste, considering a shaving bar.

Final Thoughts

If used this razor only three times now, and I really love it. The weight of the razor is taking a bit to get used to, but this is a very high-quality product that will never go into a landfill!

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