Completing My Gallery Wall: Matboard and More Review

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Creating a gallery wall has been one of the most creative and challenging things I’ve done in recent years. It seems simple, and truth be told, it can be if you know what you want to do. But what will soon be my gallery wall was a lot of prepping and planning.

Since June, I’ve been collecting illustrations from various artists that I found on Pinterest and Instagram. I’ve purchased art directly from the artist or websites, like Etsy and Society6. Prints can come in a variety of sizes. The two most common are 8 x 10-inch and A4, or 8.25 x 11.75-inch. A gallery wall would’ve been a lot easier to create with these two sizes, but where is the fun in that?

Along with 8 x 10s and A4s, I have two 13x13s. I found two 20 x 20 frames that were perfect for those prints. The only problem was a 7-inch difference. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. Do I get new prints in a 20x20 size? No, that will cost more money. Maybe paint the back board of the frame? No, that wouldn’t look right.

I decided to google some ideas and discovered customizable mat boards. I’ve been a full-fledged adult for 11 years, and I never knew that the paperboard used for mounting pictures had a name. You can get customizable mat boards at almost any art store, but they’re pretty expensive (I was quoted almost $100 for one). But online companies offer the same mat boards for a fraction of the price, and that is how I found Matboard and More.

Customized matboards are great for art pieces that won’t fit the more common size frames in an aesthetically appealing way (for example, the art gets cut off in the frame) or a frame doesn’t have a matboard and art doesn’t fit the frame perfectly. They are also less expensive than custom frames (a customized frame cost significantly more money, the lowest I found for the 13x13 print was $150).

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Matboard and More offers custom mat boards in any size, color, and quantity. They also offer multi-open mats and frames (which is perfect if you have a lot of pictures that you want framed in a collage), as well as custom frames. For a plain white 20 x 20-inch mat board with a 13 x 13-inch opening, it only cost about $23. That was almost 1/4th the price that I was quoted at an art store. I got two and just waited for them to be delivered.

Delivery took about a week, which compared to an art store, would’ve taken 10 business days. The boards were perfect! They were cut at the right size and fit the frame perfectly.

Another piece of the gallery wall is complete! Just need a couple more prints to be delivered!

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