How-To Decorate Rental Walls Without Damage

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How-To Decorate Rental Walls Without Damage

Decorating my apartment has been creative, fun, and exciting. I am watching my apartment change right in front of my eyes, going from bland to beautiful within a year. I am almost done, and the last finishing touches are decorating the walls. But in a rental apartment, this can be difficult because I don’t want to damage the walls (have to get my deposit back). So what can I do? Well, a lot!

Command Strips: If you’re going to put anything on the wall, consider mounting with Command Strips. They’re easy to install, strong enough to hold up to 16lbs, and even better, can be removed with no damage.

Urban Walls: Urban Walls has removable decals and wallpaper, which add pops of color and decoration to a large space in a short amount of time. Just peel and stick, and they’re just as easy to remove.

Washi Tape: People love Washi Tape (personally, I don’t, but that’s not the point of the post). Washi tape is decorative tape that’s super easy to remove from, well, anything. Paper, walls, windows, you name it! It comes in an almost limitless amount of patterns and colors, and it can be used to mount art or just as decoration themselves.

Contact paper: Sticky on one side, smooth on the other, contact paper is a great way to make your walls look like brick or wood. You can even use it to cover countertops and floors. Just make sure you get removable contact paper, or else it may not come off.

How do you decorating your rental apartment without damaging it?

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