20 DIY Home Décor Art Under $20

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With my gallery wall done, I can finally enjoy my living room in all of it’s pretty pink, #blackgirlmagic beauty. After buying all the prints and frames, I spent well over $400, which is a lot of money, especially during a pandemic. But home décor art doesn’t have to be expensive. With a little creativity, you can create something unique, beautiful, and personal.

Decorative Plates: If you have a lot of decorative plates, but don’t use them, use them as a decorative piece.

Macramé Wall Hanging: If you’re willing to devote the time, a macramé wall hanging can add texture and intricacy to your home.

Wall Decals: You can make your own wall decals by using removable contact paper and cutting out various shapes like circles, dots, hearts, and even lightning bolts.

Hat Wall: Have a lot of hats? Instead of hiding them in the closet, display them to create your own functional art.

Mirror Gallery: Smaller mirrors are a lot cheaper than larger ones, and you can find some for a few dollars at the Dollar Store.

Printable Illustrations: Etsy has printable illustrations that can be printed at home (or Staples or Fedex) for less than $5.

Tapestry: Make your own tapestry by buying some fabric and sewing or gluing (make sure you use fabric glue) the ends for a clean edge.

Empty Frames: Another trip to the Dollar Store, and you’ll find a lot of frames for only a few dollars to create an empty frame gallery wall.

Paper Fans: Add some festive shine to your home by making some paper fans and hanging them on the wall.

Yarn Wall Hanging: Liked the macramé wall hanging, but don’t have the time or patience to make one? This yarn wall hanging is easier to make and requires less attention to detail.

Plant WallHave a lot of plants and not so much space? Consider hanging them up to create a plant wall.

Abstract Art: All you need to create your own abstract art is some acrylic paint, paint brushes, and paper. Voila!

Hand Lettering: If you’re willing to learn, hand lettering is a beautiful way to create your own art from your favorite quotes.

Paint Dipped Picture Frames: Don’t have any personal art to place in a frame? Dip it in paint for an abstract and creative look.

Flower Wall: Head to Michaels Or Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft store to get a lot of fake flowers and hot glue them on a canvas or wood board.

Mosaic: You can create your own mosaic using glass mosaic tiles, buttons, aquarium marbles, and even upcycling a CD.

String Art: All you need to create your own string art is a piece of wood, nails, some colorful string, and a little creativity!

Punch Needle Art: Punch needling is a bit more on the expensive side of the list, but it’s easy to pick up and the end result is always beautiful!

Watercolor Wall Art: Another DIY abstract art idea, but instead of acrylics, it’s watercolors.

Glitter Art: Like bling? Then try this abstract art that incorporates gold glitter. When you’re done, make sure you place it near a window where it can sparkle and shine!

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