Completing my Gallery Wall: Framebridge Review

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With my gallery wall complete, I have to come clean about something. I did get two custom frames. I know, I know. I posted a lot about finding ready-made frames and avoiding the cost of custom framing, but the fact is, sometimes, you need a custom frame. Maybe the piece you’re trying to frame is oddly shaped, maybe it’s really special, maybe it’s really delicate and needs a special glass, whatever it is, sometimes you just need a custom frame.

Living room with gallery wall

There’s a custom frame company called Framebridge. They’re local to DC, and given that I love to collaborate with local companies, I asked if they wanted to collaborate and they agreed!

I ordered two custom 13x16 frames in gold. I honestly didn’t know what to expect with custom frames. I had never gotten one before, nor had anyone in my family. I just assumed they would be made and sent to my apartment. And with many custom frame companies, that is what happens, but Framebridge is different.

With Framebridge, you can either upload your photo or art from a computer, phone, or Instagram feed, or you can mail it in. I did the mail-in option. Framebridge sent me a box with a prepaid label. I placed my prints in the box, filled out the paperwork, and dropped off the box to UPS. I got an email when my prints were received, and then another email when the prints were framed and ready for shipping. After a few weeks (yup, it does take some time, but it’s worth it), I got my prints back in beautiful gold frames.

Everything was perfect. The frames were not only beautiful, but great quality. The glass was actually glass (a lot of frames use plexiglass), and my prints were beautifully framed with the perfect amount of border. To say that I was happy was an understatement. I couldn’t believe how beautiful my prints looked in the frame.

Dresser with gallery wall

Framebridge will frame almost anything, from Instagram photos to textiles, objects like keys and coasters, and even Jerseys. So long as it’s under 32x40 inches and not alive, they’ll frame it. They’re also inexpensive compared to other custom framing companies. You’ll pay no more than $209 for a custom frame (for comparison, I got a quote from Michaels, and it would’ve cost $200 to get one 13x16 print framed). They also have design services to help you create a custom gallery wall perfectly tailored for your style, project needs, and space.

They have brick and mortar locations for in-store consultations. If you’re in DC, they have stores on 14th Street and Bethesda Row, as well as Brooklyn, NY, and soon to be locations in Atlanta, GA.

My two favorite prints are Sabrena Khadija’s Hide and Seek and a print of Philadelphia. It just feels so perfect that they can live in a Framebridge frame.

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