Completing my Gallery Wall: Vossington Review

in , , by FroBunni, Thursday, September 17, 2020
Image of a print of Silver Spring in a frame

Despite many of my blog posts focusing on the gallery wall in my living room, I actually have two. The other is in my bedroom and is a bit more sentimental. It represents all the places I have called home in my life. It also has two prints that are shaped uniquely, and in the case of my Silver Spring print, I really struggled to find the right size and color frame. I would Google “13x19 gold frames” only to find frames that were gold but weren’t 13x19, or were 13x19 but weren’t gold. This search lasted so long that I finished framing and putting up all my other prints before even finding a frame for my Silver Spring print.
A few weeks ago, I thought I would have to get the print a custom frame, but I decided to do one more Google search. To my surprise, I got a result for a 13x19 gold frame from a company called Vossington. I knew I needed to get this frame ASAP. 

Vossington sells premium, ready-made picture frames in 22 popular sizes and six colors. Their frames blend modern Scandinavian design with German-American craftmanship, and because their frames are ready-made, there are no extra framing costs that come with custom frames. All of that is great, but I only cared about one thing, a 13x19 gold frame. 

Image of a map of Silver Spring in a frame

I ordered my frame and shipping was fast; it was delivered within 5 days. Nothing was broken and it was packed well with the frame covered in bubble wrap. The frame was really great quality like promised. It was sturdy, the gold wasn’t chipped, and the glass wasn’t flimsy. The print was easy to install, and once in the frame it looked perfect. My only problem now was figuring out where to put it on my dresser. 

I definitely recommend checking out Vossington, especially if you have a picture that requires a frame not typically found in stores, or need a color like gold or bronze, which can also be hard to find, especially in certain sizes. They have a lot of sizes unique to posters, like 11x17, 18x24, and 24x36, and large square sizes, like 20x20, 16x16, and 12x12. Vossington really delivers on their promise of high-quality frames, and with such a wide range of frames and colors, you can avoid having to get a custom frame and paying custom frame prices.
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