My First Extensions! Cutie Pie Tresses Review

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I love wearing my natural hair, but sometimes, I really do wish I had a bit more length. I’ve been natural for over 10 years, and I’m at a point where I think my hair has grown as much as it can. I’m okay with this, but on occasion, I wish my ponytails could be longer for braided hairstyles.

I didn’t plan on getting extensions until next year, but by a stroke of luck, Cutie Pie Tresses reached out to collaborate.

Cutie Pie Tresses has human hair clip-in extensions, ponytail extensions, wefted extensions, and wigs in a variety of sizes and natural textures. No surprise, but I got the Kinky Blow-out Ponytail in 20-inches. I didn’t know what to expect when I got the extensions; after all, this was my first experience with them. Was the hair going to be soft, was it really going to be the length that I ordered, was it going to tangle immediately out of the bag? I would soon find out in a few days when the hair arrived at my door.

I took the hair out of the bag and ran my fingers through it to feel for tangles, but thankfully, it was already detangled. Then I got my tape measure to check the length. Yup, 20 inches like I ordered. The hair was also really soft and looked exactly like my hair does when blow dried. The hair came with a little packet that included care instructions. Perfect! Wash it the first time before use and keep it conditioned and moisturized. Seems simple enough.

I washed and conditioned the hair, gently detangled it, braided it, then let it air dry overnight. Even though the directions say to blow dry, I didn’t want to potentially damage the hair. That night, I scrolled through Pinterest to find styles that I always wanted to try, but felt my hair didn’t have the length.

The next morning, I excitedly got my hair to style and it was still wet. Not surprising, my hair stays wet for awhile too. So, I waited the next day. I pulled my hair into a ponytail, braided it, and put it in a bun. Now to install the hair. I’ll be honest and say that because my hair is so thick, even while in a bun, it took more than a few tries to install the hair. When I did get it in, it wasn’t the most secure, so instead of attempting to braid the hair while attached, I took it out, braided it, then re-installed. The end result was a low braid, a style I do pretty often, with added length and thickness that I don’t get with my natural hair. The hair also blended well with my own hair, and because my own hair was in a bun, didn’t tug at the more delicate hair at the nap of my neck.

All in all, Cutie Pie Tresses has some great quality extensions. The hair is soft, true to length, and will add a lot of versatility to your styles. My only caveat is if you have thick or long hair, you may want to go with the wig or clip-in extensions.

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